My Work History


As a professional I understand that any potential employer will take a look at “My Work History” and one of their first questions may be “Why have you changed jobs so frequently over the last few years?” and the answer is a little more complex than providing one or two reasons. I choose to address that question here openly in hopes that my candid explanation will be accepted by a potential employer.

I have been going through a divorce that is almost complete and as a result I have custody of my 3 children, a girl 16, a girl 12 and a boy 9. My mother has moved in with us as she is not able to take care of herself and getting my household in order has taken me some time. While I have always diligently worked for these personal issues not to impact my work, at times they have. Additionally I have made the mistake of not treating each job as a “career” and I have not managed my Team participation to the best of my ability.

Life can be a roller coaster if you let it and over the last year I have worked to create a solid foundation to build upon. Unfortunately this came a little too late when I was “let go” from Rite Aid on 10/03/13 for not having my Blue Cross & Blue Shield Immunization Certification and that is when it hit me that I must become a “Career Employee” that any Pharmacy, Retail Chain, Hospital or Private Practice would love to have! Putting this information onto a blog for the world to see may not be a good idea for some however my intent is for my full disclosure to benefit me with the right employer.

I love being a Pharmacist and I love caring for my Customers. Given the opportunity I will be a long-term career employee whose work ethic and attention to detail are second to none. I have excellent credentials, an extensive applicable knowledge base and a sincere desire to be a Team player within my new work environment. Your decision to employ me will not be a bad one I assure you. I will be happy to elaborate on any specifics upon request and thank you in advance for your time in reading this information about my work history.



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